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A holistic and integrative approach to medicine promotes optimum levels of health.  The human body is an integral unit, a bio-computer that is much more than the sum of its parts.  It functions much like a hologram.   With over 30 years of experience in the practice of functional integrative medicine and pain management,  I have helped many people who have traveled a similar journey as mine to once again create peace in their lives, reach and maintain their own optimum health.  It is possible for each of us to live a life of health, a life filled with joy and purpose.


When I was 20, I suddenly needed to sleep fifteen hours a day.  Yet I would wake up exhausted and napped for a couple of hours each day.  Doctors said that my tests were normal and that the stresses of pre-med, medical school and residency were too much for me.  They suggested that I was depressed and should consider another profession.


Mainstream medicine offered few options and little hope.  To find useful answers, I obtained outside-the-box training in the US and Europe.  It turned out that I had fibromyalgia, Hashimoto's thyroiditis and adrenal fatigue among other things.  Recently I contracted and recovered from the acute infection of a severe case of Covid-19 without hospitalization. 


I am currently dealing successfully with some of the challenges that many post-covid Long Hauler patients experience.  According to recent reports, a third of Covid-19 patients go on to experience chronic fatigue to the point of exhaustion, brain fog, shortness of breath, headaches, painful joints and muscles, severe hair loss, peripheral neuropathy and even neuropsychiatric disorders.  The many tools I learned over the years are definitely making a difference in restoring their health and quality of life.



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