The first 5 pictures were taken of a man's lower leg and ankle over an 8-day period during which he received 4 sessions at our clinic.  The first photo was taken 10 weeks after a motorcycle accident---gash went deep to his tibia bone and did not heal with conventional wound care and antibiotics.  

He returned to the office 6 months after only receiving a total of 4 sessions.  His scars were minimal.


Mackayla Jespersen’s story 

"My twelve-year-old son developed severe tics four years ago.  His pediatric neurologist called it, "Tourette Syndrome":  he would grunt, have involuntary neck movements, facial tics (incessant winking, blinking), forceful sniffling/exhaling through his nose.  He would repeat certain words and sentences.  Sometimes, he would have them as many as 23 times per minute.  School kids began to call him names, “retard”, “idiot”, “stupid”, “weird”.  My husband and I pleaded with him to stop and we even tried bribing him—all to no avail.  We just did not know.  We did not understand.  My husband lost his temper at him at yelled at him out of frustration.  We were devastated.  We felt completely lost and helpless.  Our son had been a fairly normal little boy.  He played little league soccer and baseball.  He did okay in school.   He was well-liked by his friends and teachers.  How could this happen to him? Why? Perhaps our pediatrician was wrong.  So we took him to his pediatrician who thought that he might have Tourette Syndrome---a devastating diagnosis to a parent because there is so much stigma attached to this medical label.  Also, Tourette is often associated with other problems like attention deficit disorder, obsessive -compulsive disorder.  There also did not seem to be many successful treatment options either.  Our hearts were heavy and our hopes small.  We took him to a reputable pediatric neurologist who regrettably confirmed the diagnosis.  He offered to prescribe some medications---none of them all that effective, and most had pretty unpleasant side effects.  We chose to decline his suggestions. A friend told us about Dr. Llorente, a doctor in Orange County.  He said that she is “different” in her approach to people---rather than looking at them as “patients” and “diseases”, she sees and honors people as individuals and she thinks outside the box.  We were at our wits end.  So as perplexed as we were, we set up an appointment.  After examining our son, she waved her hands around his head, parts of his body for perhaps fifteen minutes.  To our great surprise, his symptoms immediately slowed down.  We took him back for four more sessions.  That was three years ago.  And to this day, our son hardly has any tics.  Thank you, Dr. L.  for touching our lives."---NH, Orange County, California


"I am 57 years old.  I have had severe low back pain for several years, especially when I am under a lot of stress.  I own four furniture stores in southern California.  I came in one day to see Dr. Llorente for a bad cough.  Dr. Llorente noticed my limp and my hunched posture when I walked down the hall.  She told me that she understood I came in for my cough and asked me about my back.  I told her my story of how I had done physical therapy, received numerous chiropractic adjustments without much relief.  That three different orthopedic surgeons had recommended surgery and how vicodin and muscle relaxants worked partially but I did not like to take them because I could not function or even think clearly.  Dr. Llorente nodded and asked me if I wanted to say a silent prayer with her.  I was frankly surprised to hear this question coming from a doctor, but my back hurt so much that day that I went along with it.  She quietly placed her hands on my back, my chest;  waved them in silence in a swirling motion around where it hurt.  The whole thing could not have taken more than a few minutes.  I suddenly felt my body float and relax.  I felt kindness radiating from her.  Warmth and a feeling of comfort flooded my heart.  I felt tingling up and down my back.  I felt safe and supported. I saw in my mind’s eye the Sacred Statue of Jesus.  I felt more peace than I had for a very long time.  I got lightheaded, sat down for a few minutes.  When I got up, my back pain was gone.  I walked out of her office with my back straight, laughter in my heart and a feeling of peace and love for everyone.  To this day, I do not entirely understand what happened.  I am just grateful that there are people and doctors like her in my world.  Thank you."---VE, CA


"I am sixty eight years old.  I ran a big corporation.  Was under enormous stress which led to a heart bypass in my mid forties.  Developed diabetes, atrial fibrillation as well.  Anyway, in February 2008, I developed constipation ( I had always been as regular as the seven o’clock train), severe right lower abdominal abdominal pain, fevers.  My GI doctor put me on some strong antibiotics for nearly a week.  I kept getting worse.  More fevers, nausea.  No appetite.  My stomach was distended, stretched.  No bowel movements in almost ten days.  I got an abdominal CAT scan that showed an abscess in my colon.  My surgeon recommended surgery, which I did not want.  So I went to Dr. Llorente, my family doctor.  She reviewed my case, lab tests, CAT scan.  She looked up at me and told me I really should go ahead with surgery.  I asked her, “Isn’t there anything more you can do?  Another antibiotic?  I don’t want surgery.”  She asked me if I was willing to try something else.  I said, “I try anything”.  DR. Llorente then asked me to breathe deeply while she placed her hands lightly on my stomach and then gently touched my head;  quietly waved her hands around my body here and there.  Ten minutes later, my pain level was 80% less!  She told me to go home and not think about my condition, my CAT scan.   I went home not knowing what to think.  I am an engineer.  I was also an accountant.  None of this computed.  Yet two hours later, I had a painless, formed bowel movement.  I continued to get better day by day, faster and faster.  I never went into the hospital.  Dr. Llorente ordered another CT scan two or three weeks later.  There was only a little bit of inflammation left in my bowel.  This all happened in February.  We are now almost in September, 2008.  I feel fine.  I play tennis.  I eat whatever I want (well I do watch my sugars).  I have my glass of wine with dinner.  My GI specialist and my surgeon don’t know what to make of my sudden improvement either.  So I am in good company and am grateful to have Dr. Llorente’s number in my address book!"---RJ, Costa Mesa, CA


"My husband passed away of a massive heart attack eighteen months ago.  He was only fifty-eight.  At the peak of his life.  A successful physicist and shrewd businessman.  I have been devastated, unable to move on with my life.  I lost the best part of me.  I was sad most of the time.  There was no joyfulness, no light or laughter in my heart.  Every day merged right into the next without mirth or excitement.  I got up, showered, put on my clothes, ate, went through the necessary paperwork to run my husband’s financial business.  I am an energy healer, but could not help myself.  Nor could my circle of friends who are also energy healers. Through a series of “coincidences” in early 2007, I met Dr. Llorente at an energy seminar in Los Angeles.  We became friends.  Her kind heartedness, her unusual skills made a difference.  I began to feel the joy of life again.  Like a wilted plant after a good rain, I began to glow.  I laughed and really enjoyed my grandchildren once more.  I even noticed sunsets and the trees in the front of my house.  Heard the crickets in my backyard.  Enjoyed walking together at the park by the Back Bay and Starbucks Chai Latte.  And when friends began to notice the (physical and emotional) change in me and asked, “Well, what happened to you?”.  I simply said, “Dr. Llorente happened.”---SCV, California


"Hi, we adopted our little boy when he was nearly six years old.  He is now eleven.  He had spent the first few years of his life from one foster home to another.  He had been sexually abused by older boys.  My son is a very smart and sweet boy, though shy and reserved.  He kept to himself a lot.  He had some trouble in school with other boys who picked on him.  Our son grew hostile toward them.  We took him to psychologists, to school counselors.  The school was just not equipped to deal with him.  A psychiatrist medicated him with several drugs to keep him calm.  I was heartbroken.  I love my son.  I volunteered to work in the classroom, in the school cafeteria just to be on campus and near him. One day before Christmas break 2007 while I was in Dr. Llorente’s office for my own health issues, I shared what was happening with my son.  She offered to see him for free though she said that she could not promise that she could “cure” him.   At that point, I was desperate.  There did not seem to be anything to lose even though Dr. Llorente is not a pediatrician.  So I brought my son in.  She talked to him and asked him if it would be all right for her to put her hands on his body.  He said yes.  She proceeded to touch his heart, his stomach, waved them around his body.  He grew calm.  A look of peace, a smile on his lips.  My heart beamed. There was newfound hope.  He later told me that during Dr. Llorente’s session, he saw me hold him in my arms when he was just born  and I heard his first cries (like I was his real mother). I took my son back to Dr. Llorente one more time before school resumed in January 2008.  He has changed so much.  He smiles more frequently.  He is more at ease in his own skin.  He has grown taller.  He plays better with other children.  His school performance improved a lot.  He is so much calmer.  His medications have been reduced way down.  School is about to start again next week (September 2008).  Thank you, Dr. Llorente."---JSB, Huntington Beach, CA


"Dr. Llorente has been my doctor for about fourteen years.  I am in my seventies.  One morning this spring I came in with a severe asthma attack.  My kids wanted me to go to the ER.  I didn’t.  Though I only live a few minutes away, I could hardly drive to my doctor’s office.  I was panting, breathless.  I could see her look of concern and even alarm when I walked in.  I asked her to help me.  She told me that she respected my decision even though she did not quite agree with it.  She sat me down and asked me to say a silent prayer with her.  As I did so, she began to silently waved her hands around my chest, my back.  Back and forth for a few minutes.  Then we hugged each other tightly as I began to feel my breath come in a bit more easily.  I thought it was my imagination.  She gave me some tablets to take and sent me home with the promise to go to the emergency room if I should take a turn for the worse.  That afternoon, I began to feel stronger.  Over the next few days, I improved more and more every day.  Everything worked out fine.  I never did go to the ER or even to the asthma specialist.  This happened more than six months ago.  Haven’t had another asthma attack.  I keep Dr. Llorente and her family in my prayers and I thank the Lord that there are people like her in this world."---RB, Huntington Beach, CA


"I am forty eight years old.  My gynecologist did not know what to do or think because she initially thought I might have ovarian cancer.  I first went to Dr. Llorente because my legs and feet were extremely swollen and I had large and deep skin ulcers on the top of my feet that would not heal in the past five months despite seeing my family doctor and wound doctors regularly.  Even the skin of my belly was very swollen with fluid.  She gave me water pills and I lost 40 lbs in two and a half weeks.  She also prayed silently with me.  My chronic foot ulcers healed.  I could see my ankles again.  My ovarian cancer blood test which was 122  (normal is below 35) dropped down to sixty.  My pelvic ultrasound was fine.  So my gynecologist sent me to the special oncologist for gynecology problems who ordered an MRI---again fine. He said that he did not have an explanation for this and told me to thank my guardian angels.  I am a fervent catholic and do not understand what happened.  I am grateful to Dr. Llorente for the care and kindness she has given me.  Sometimes God guides people to come into our lives and He works through them."---CR, Garden Grove, CA


"My husband, Al,  who is only fifty three had bypass surgery two years ago that was followed by several serious complications.  He survived the complications though his previously vigorous lifestyle (surfer and anything-goes-in sports) have been significantly limited.  He gets angina.  Al also had two back surgeries which left him two inches shorter and unable to do a lot of things because of ongoing daily back pain.  I took him to Dr. Llorente and Cindy Tomlinson, both energy healers in Orange County.  I was fascinated to watch them “work” on my husband.  They waved their hands around his body, touched his chest and abdomen, his head.  Their hand movements were like a dance almost.  My husband sat there quietly.  He does not believe in “these” sorts of things.  He did not say anything during or right after their session.  My heart sank because it was hard to gauge whether anything positive happened.  We then went to dinner and a movie.  Afterwards, on the way home, he turned to me and said nonchalantly, “You know, my back doesn’t hurt so much any more.  And I am breathing easily.  My chest does not feel heavy.”  MEN !!!!  Men and their economy of words.  I was giddy.  And thankful to these two women who seem so at ease with each other and the healing they do."---CET, Surfside, CA


"My son, Alan, is nine years old.  When my husband and I were separated, he developed facial tics of his eyes and mouth, grunting, involuntary head movements.  They did not improve when we got back together.  Kids began teasing him at school.  We begged him to stop.  Ignorant, we punished him, withdrew Nintendo game privileges without any success.  We were heartbroken when he was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome.  Alan is a very precocious, smart kid.  He is witty.  He asks questions beyond his young years.  He plays sports (baseball).  He is good at it.  He does really well in school.  We were at a complete loss.  The doctors did not have much to offer in the way of treatments.  I had known Dr. Llorente for a number of years.  She helped me in many ways when no one else could or would.  So I tentatively talked to her about Alan.  Without making any promise, she said she would see him.  Alan liked her immediately.  She talked to him instead of asking me all the questions.  Alan said it would be all right if she would sit with him some more.  Dr. Llorente had him sit on my lap while she waved her hands around his head and parts of his body.  He stopped squirming around…grew real quiet.  I felt a change in him.  And afterwards in the car on the way home, he said that he felt God’s presence.  His tics were a lot better after this first session.  My son and I now feel much closer to each other.  We look forward to a second session.  There is hope again."---PD, Long Beach, CA


"My son, Garrett, was eleven in early April 2008 when he developed nausea, pain around his belly button, low grade fevers and loss of appetite for a day or so.  He vomited a couple of times.  No diarrhea.  I thought it was the stomach flu. Except he did not get any better.  His stomach pain moved down to his right lower quadrant.  We thought, “Appendicitis?” I looked up his symptoms on WebMD and other medical websites.  He sure had all the usual symptoms of appendicitis. Dr. Llorente talked to him, waved her hands gracefully around his belly button, then the area where he hurt.  After a few minutes, she then told him to keep doing the same thing on himself at home.  To everyone’s surprise his pain immediately improved.  She said she would keep treating him at a distance.  We were understandably skeptical, but decided to give it a try over the next few hours---unless he worsened.  By the next day, his pain had subsided significantly and by the next day, it disappeared altogether.  He was back to his old self, ravenous and active and all. Garrett has not had any relapse in five months.  I guess that we will never know for sure whether or not he really did have acute appendicitis since no Ct scan was done.  Nor did he have blood tests or was evaluated by a surgeon.  We’re just glad and grateful it wasn’t appendicitis."---EL, Laguna Hills, CA


"My friends and I were celebrating New Year’s Eve in San Francisco last year.  We were leaving this fantastic restaurant when George complained of abdominal cramps.  He was pale and had diarrhea five times before 11 pm.  There was no urgent care open.  All of us balked at the thought of spending New Year’s Eve in a San Francisco emergency room.  Dr. Llorente has been my family doctor for years, so I called her.  She was sweet enough to help out on this night of all nights.  She asked us to have George sit down for a little time while she sent “energy” from Orange County.  Within a few minutes, his condition improved a lot.  And all four of us had a blast the rest of the night.  Now that was pretty cool and reaffirmed my open-mindedness toward Dr. Llorente’s style."---OL, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


"I am seventy-five years old.  I fought in the Korean War.  I am accomplished.  Grew up poor and pulled myself up by my own boot straps and built a 500 million dollar company.  I am not easily impressed.  I have some respect for hypnosis and biofeedback.  And must admit there is something to what Dr. Llorente does.  Been her patient for nearly fourteen years.  I am on insulin, had a heart bypass when I was in my fifties.  Lost part of my lower leg after foot gangrene.  Had a stroke in the 80’s, but recovered most of my faculties.  A few months ago I developed heart failure, congestive heart failure.  I couldn’t lie flat on my back (couldn’t breathe).  My ankle and wrists were swollen.  Coughed incessantly.  Sometimes the phlegm was pinkish.  I was winded just walking up one flight of stairs.  Dr. Llorente sat me down in her chair.  As she waved her hands around my body, especially my chest area, a wave of warmth, lightness and calm flooded through my body, especially the middle of my chest where my heart is.  Suddenly I could breathe easily.  And I stopped coughing and emptied my bladder as though I hadn’t gone for days.  This happened before she even put me on water pills.  I have been fine for several months now and plan to stay that way."---RM, CA


"My name is Rhonda.  I am 54 years old.  I have had interstitial cystitis (a chronic inflammation of the bladder wall) after I developed appendicitis complicated by rupture and peritonitis more than thirty years ago.  I need to empty my bladder up to 27 times a day.  Last fall, I developed a particularly nasty flare-up of IC and I was having to void up to 50 times a day some days.  Went to see the specialist.  Was prescribed all kinds of muscle relaxants, anti-spastic bladder pill, anti-depressants, anti-histamines…Oye ve, crazy painful did not even begin to describe my new life.  And the side effects.
So when Dr. Llorente asked me to consider a different vantage point, I was more than ready and willing to listen.  We spoke about Body Talk, energy healing, spiritual healing.  While she waved her hands around my abdomen, my back, and my torso, tears began to roll down my cheeks.  I remembered the agony of the ruptured appendicitis so long ago.  The long recovery and never being the same after that.  How intercourse hurt at times.  I remembered other times in my life when being a woman in the workplace was a tough position to be in.  And the tears kept pouring.  And I let them emerge.  I let my feelings emerge.  This felt good somehow. 
I left Dr. Llorente’s office perplexed and relieved at the same time.  I am a business woman.  Independent and like to think of myself as well-informed.  Yet I was at a loss to comprehend what had just happened to me.  Over the following week, I still had a lot of urgency, but much less bladder pain.  After more bi-weekly sessions, I was down to emptying my bladder 10 – 15 times a day.  I could actually have lunch with my girl friends and sit through an entire meal without excusing myself to the ladies’ room.  Unbelievable that there is indeed more to our physical world than meets the eye.  And my good fortune that my family doctor is resourceful and open-minded."---southern California

"My name is Mary Gail.  I am a youthful seventy-two year-old lady with a bad back for many years.  It’s never stopped me in the past 25 years from going to the gym with “the girls” every morning at 5:30 am for a vigorous workout. Thirty-year-olds can’t keep up with me.  This flare-up was nasty and the pain was relentless despite over thirty aggressive chiropractic treatments plus massages, traction…One of the girls recommended Dr. Llorente.  She’s not far from the gym.  I thought, “What have I got to lose?” 
Dr.  Llorente reviewed my x-ray and mri reports, blood results; examined me.  Then she waved her hands up and down my back and gracefully swept them around my whole body for a couple of minutes it seemed.  And to my surprise, the pain was immediately better.  Actually, I was so shocked that--at first--I told her I did not feel any differently!  This was very hard to accept.  These things do not happen in my world.  I had a rough time absorbing, assimilating what happened.  I eventually stopped trying to analyze and accepted it…Or could it have been just a coincidence?"---MCH, Huntington Beach, CA


"I am 30 years old.  I was sort of down on my luck last March.  Lost my house.  My job.  No medical insurance.  Was rushing to my part time job when I slipped, fell on the pavement twisting my ankle and heard a loud “crack”.  My right ankle was enormously swollen and crooked.  I was in excruciating pain when I arrived to Dr. Llorente’s office.  It looked like a pretty serious break.  Dr.  Llorente waved her hands around me and then lightly placed them around my ankle for a few minutes.  I immediately felt warmth flow down my lower leg---and much less pain.  A stat x-ray was done at a nearby hospital:  it only showed a hairline fracture, not a complex one as we had thought.  I could not afford to go to an orthopedist because I had lost my insurance.  So Dr. Llorente prescribed crutches and an aircast brace. We are now in September or almost.  I didn’t have to see Dr. Llorente again for my ankle.  I healed just fine.  I never did get the cast either.  Afraid to lose my job, I borrowed a pair of crutches from a friend so I would not have to take more time off to get fitted for a cast---and was running again two weeks later without any pain!  I don’t know how she did it or what happened.  I just thank my lucky stars that in my time of need, someone/something came through for me.  Thanks."---Kate, Orange County, CA


"My 4 year-old daughter was diagnosed with pneumonia.  She had really high fevers and was lethargic when I brought her to Dr. Llorente’s office.  We could not get her fever down.  I am familiar with Dr. Llorente, so I was not surprised when she began to wave her hands around Allie’s head and body for a few minutes.  And within minutes my little girl’s fever came down while we were still in the office.  She became more of her playful self!  She took antibiotics “just in case” and recovered rapidly.  Ah, another good day’s work!  Thank you, Dr. Llorente."---Frankie, Riverside, CA


"I tripped and fell on our boat.  Black and blue all over, particularly in the seat area.  Lacerated my forehead and required stitches in the ER.  Was also told I fractured my left wrist.  The pain there was excruciating despite a brace and lots of vicodin.  Our daughter took me to Dr. Llorente because I could not get in to see the orthopedist until the following week.  Dr. Llorente waved her hands up and down my left shoulder and arm, then gently placed them on my wrist.  I immediately experienced a wave of warmth and tingling down to my fingertips.  And mostly, the pain subsided greatly.  When I finally saw the orthopedist a few days later, I had not been in much pain at all.  He repeated an x-ray in his office and said he doubted I had broken my wrist after all.  All my life, I have been open-minded.  Though I don’t completely comprehend how Dr. Llorente helped me, I am grateful that she did."---BLM, Huntington Beach, CA


"My name is Barbara. I am fifty-four.  Have lived in the Carlsbad area in southern California for most of my adult life.  I teach music and work with autistic children.  Am also an energy healer.  This past spring, I tripped and fell down my stairs and landed right smack on my liver.  It happened too fast to brace my fall.  After two weeks of unrelentling pain and no relief from my own healing as well as healings from friends, I finally “ran into”  (well, there IS no coincidence in the universe)  Cindy Tomlinson and Dr. Evelyne Llorente who teamed up on me.  As they waved their hands around my body and lightly touched the area over my liver, I experienced heat and renewed flow of energy throughout my body---and at last, the excruciating pain subsided. 
A month later, I traveled up to Colorado to work with medicine men from a local Native American tribe in the mountains.  One morning, I opened the door to our trailer, slipped and flipped my body around, landing the upper left side of my abdomen and flank onto the sharp edge of the last step.  I had flashbacks.  Couldn’t believe it.  Actually this time I hurt more than the previous month even.  We were in the middle of nowhere.  No paved roads.  My husband and the medicine men nursed me as best they could until I was able to walk back to town---a several mile trek on challenging terrain.   When I returned home, I again sought Cindy and Evelyne for help.  They again spent some time with me and in one session I was well on my way to mending."---Barbara, Carlsbad, CA 


"I was seventy-four years old when I developed severe pains in my abdomen on the left.  Was nauseous. Felt feverish for several days.  No appetite.  Was weak and pale.  Could barely walk.  Got really worried because I am a diabetic on insulin, have a heart condition and a stroke.  Having spent too much of my life in hospitals, I didn’t want to go there—at least not unless I really had to.
Dr. Llorente had me lie down on her exam table.  She came over, poked me here and there in the belly.  It sure hurt across the bottom, especially on the left side.  She thought it was diverticulitis.  She spoke in a calm and soothing voice.  And as she moved her hands back and forth over my stomach and lightly touched me, I experienced a sensation of relief.  My belly did not seem so tight.  The pain eased up quite a bit.  She gave me a prescription of antibiotics.  I felt much better by the time I got home though it had only been two or three hours after taking one tablet.  Do antibiotics work this fast?  I don’t know and rather doubt it.  Amazing…in all of my life…I think she made a big difference."---EF, Huntington Beach, CA


"My name is Sarah.  I am 56 years old.  I was minding my own business running errands for my boss in her new car when another car ran through a red light and broadsided me.  I developed excruciating pains in my upper and lower back.  Went through physical therapy, massages, traction, chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture, physical medicine, pain managements, epidural spinal injections…to no avail over a 14 month period.  I lived on daily vicodin and muscle relaxants.  Saw three orthopedists who recommended surgery.  And right before last Christmas, I received a letter from my company informing me that they could no longer hold my job for me.  I was being effectively terminated two weeks before Christmas.  Could not afford Cobra insurance coverage. 
One Friday afternoon, I walked into Dr. Llorente’s office all bent and stooped over, painfully taking slow, small steps one at a time.  She looked at my intake sheet, my list of concerns, the list of painkillers, the long list of other doctors I had seen.  She asked me to consider a time when I did not hurt.  The thought was unfathomable.  I could not recall such a time.  She smiled and told me to pretend and play along anyway.  Then she swirled her hands around my belly, my neck, my spine…a wave of warmth and relief washed all over my body.  I got lightheaded and had to sit down.  I think I fell asleep for twenty minutes in her chair.  When I woke up, my low back pain was more than 90% better.  Wow.
Over that weekend, I was feeling pretty good.  Didn’t have to take my vicodin and muscle relaxant.  But by Monday, the pain was back 60%.  So I went back to Dr. Llorente.  She looked at me and asked me, “Were you thinking about your back over the weekend?  Your MRI’s?”.  I was puzzled.  How could she know?  “Well, yes, I replied.  I mean, the surgeons showed me my X-rays and MRI films and pointed out to me the many levels where my discs were too thin or out of place; the spurs; the narrowing…”
Dr. Llorente gently said that she thought I might have unwittingly called back my “condition”.  She took me back to “my” room and waved her hands over me again.  Again, most of the pain left my tired body.  I chuckled and shook my head.  How was I going to explain any of this to my sister who is a surgical nurse?  Anyhow, I learned my lesson about positive thinking although I am not quite sure this is all that dr. Llorente did for me!  Thanks a bunch."----Fountain Valley, CA


"Emily was 61 and had poorly controlled, long standing diabetes and hypertension when her kidney doctor told her that she should immediately go on dialysis.  Headstrong all of her life, she respectfully declined and began to receive energy and spiritual healing sessions from dr. Llorente in Orange County.
Her blood tests for kidney function continued to remain the same. Her energy levels improved.  Eight months later, she continued to be very active in her church and the various committees she chaired.  She had a particular love for children.  Her kidney specialists were at a loss to explain what happened.  It was probably her unwavering faith in the Lord---even in the face of adversity.  She had grown up poor.  The family home burned down when she was but an infant.  She knew and tasted adversity first hand.  Yet she never felt lost, poor or dispossessed.  Never lost her Spirit, Faith, Grace and Courage."----ENL, CA

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